Introduction to Financial Intelligence


Finance (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

Are You Stuck?!

Do you think your financial life is at a halt?

Have you made some financial mistakes that kept you on the low level and your dreams not achieved?

Journey to financial freedom does not start with a step rather a decision. You need to make up your mind to do things differently in order to get a different result.
A man who wants to be a doctor must pass through medical school; a mechanic must undergo training to be a professional in his field. Why do you think you can succeed financially without the requisite financial knowledge? You need FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE!

If you have a vision, without the emotional strength to focus only lead to dreams, delusions, and hallucinations and when you make excuses for not doing what you are meant to do, you are simply lying to yourself.

My questions to help you as we embark on this journey are:
1. What does your balance sheet read after subtracting your income from your expense?
2. Do you have a monthly and weekly budget for your expense; do you stick by your budget?
3. Do you have reserves for investments?

4. How many streams of income have you established that puts money back into your pocket?
5. Do you earn passively?

If you sincerely cannot provide a good and encouraging answer to the above questions then you are Financially Illiterate, not trying to be rude here but we have to tell ourselves the NAKED TRUTH. Your solution lies not in prayer and fasting only, not in engaging an accountant but getting FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE, God has endowed you with everything needed to succeed here on earth. I am committed to seeing you succeed and become financially free by 2020. Take advantage of this opportunity to set yourself free from RAT RACE and run the RIGHT RACE.


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