#Lessons From My Mentor That I Practice 2.

Mentorship#Lessons From My Mentor That I Practice

2. Principles of Money Management

The universe is full of abundance, God is a merciful God and desires we live in abundance. If you had a son, you took him out and bought a drink for him then he pours the drink out because he didn’t carry it well I believe you won’t give him another.

However, a nice father will go out of his way to buy his son another drink. While making purchase for the replacement and your son cries out he needs 3 bottles. Every responsible father will say No! Why? Because the person asking for 3 has not demonstrated ability to manage 1.

Lesson: You are not entitled to more finance if you have not demonstrated principles to manage the little you have. Managing little will make you mastery for more. What differentiates the rich from the poor is MONEY MANAGEMENT.


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