Where you are determines where Next! It is

Financial ladderWhere you are determines where Next!
It is insane to ask a taxi in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria to drive you to New York. Any sane driver hearing that request ought to re-examine the enquirer. Nothing is wrong with New York as a destination, but not from Ikeja on a taxi. In the same way, your financial next step is a function of your current status. You have no business asking about step 8 when you are on step 2. If you now don’t know what step you are in, you are likely to be asking the wrong questions.

There are 9 distinct levels from financial mediocrity to financial freedom, where you are determines what possible next is. It is crucial for anyone going anywhere to first be certain about their current realities. 90% of our society is on step 1. It’s the lowest level of financial literacy, but there is nobody quite like someone who is in trouble and doesn’t yet know. I will take time to share the most crucial part of these steps.


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