Today’s Weakness Tomorrow’s Strength

Once upon a time there was an Elephant so full of itself. The Elephant was big and strong and all the other animals in the jungle respected it. It’s size and it’s strength fuelled it’s pride.

Caves on Cave Ridge

Caves on Cave Ridge (Photo credit: brewbooks)

The ant met the elephant one day, and the elephant was so full of itself and disdain for the ant. It ridiculed the ant for being so small and easy to squash! The ant said nothing. Soon the rain began and both the elephant and the ant had to take shade in a cave. The elephant began making fun of the ant and dancing to display it’s size and power. Suddenly the cake rocked due to it’s weight and stunts and a big rock fell on the entrance. The elephant majestically approached and kicked the rock, but it didn’t bulge. It kept on trying without luck. The ant however walked right through a small opening under the rock and made it outside the cave. Now the ant’s turn to speak came. “What I could do, you can’t, big for nothing elephant!” What you considered your strength is now your greatest problem.

The elephant remained locked inside the cave and died a painful death.


1. Don’t complain about what you didn’t merit or give yourself, it will serve you one day.

2. Don’t despise others because they are different from you. Diversity is strength.

3. Pride comes before destruction.

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