#Lessons From My Mentor That I Practice 3


#Lessons From My Mentor That I Practice 3

3. Wealth is Your Birthright!

It is not selfish to be wealthy, to live a good life on earth you need wealth, to do what you want to do, you need wealth. So wealth is your birthright.

  • People that are not wealthy erroneously bought into the idea that poverty is default. How so wrong!
  • You cannot increase, grow or live a full life in body, soul and spirit without the use of things and you cannot have things without money.
  • The body needs good/healthy food and beautiful shelter to live in, the soul needs knowledge in books and sights in travel, the spirit need to express love by giving, give scholarship to that young boy who is out of school and visit the less privilege homes to show love with your substance. You are limited by these things if you lack money.

4. Define your Vision

Be clear what you want and how to get there. Defining your vision for your work and life is crucial to your success. Whatever you want to achieve in life always have your vision in focus. Prioritise your goals. The raw material you need is within you because God has made us co-creators.

  • In order to create something you must first imagine it, once your imagination of it is consistent and you can hold it with faith, what you imagine is created already.
  • Whatever can’t make it into your desire can’t make it into your life!

Creation comes in 3 stages:

  • Imagination – Gaseous state = This is a stage where your thoughts comes into play, in your thought you paint a picture of that future you desire and hold unto it tightly. Your predominant thoughts, conscious or otherwise will ultimately become your reality. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. We live in a thought universe.
  • Words – Liquid state = The words you speak are as important as you. During creation God created the world through the words of His mouth, speak the right things, ensure your words give someone a booster on a daily basis
  • Action – Solid state = That which you created in your thoughts and spoke about you then act upon to see the manifestation. The things you see around you today started with mental creation before it became physical.

5. Take care of your health

This may appear immaterial but it is very relevant. So do have periodic check-ups with your physician, do regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet and start early.

6. Prepare for the Storm

You need to ensure you pay yourself from every income you generate for your future, set up a proper escrow system. Have a book keeper, work with a team, engage positive peer pressure and ensure that you credit it monthly. An escrow account is a third party account that is guided by rules and regulations where you, your spouse (if married) and your mentor or someone you are financially accountable to is the third party signatory to the account. His duty is to ensure deposits are made into the account as agreed and withdrawals can only go into purchase of assets nothing shortfall of that. Reason for this account is to be financially accountable to someone and for your Financial Freedom because cash stored-up in your escrow account will be for investment in assets that will generate passive income.

Most people save their cash in the bank but have access to these accounts via their ATM cards, cheque books, credit cards etc, they make withdrawals when need arises and start all over again to rebuild the reserve. Until your reserve is SAFE from you, you are not safe.

Charles Ezeh
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Be wise, be financially free!!!

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  1. I love that lesson and advise, is a good one.

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