Maximize Today!


Settle this in your mind first, that the past is past and the future is not yours! Today is the only chance you have, and now is your only opportunity. How you act today and what you act upon is your only handle on your future.

1. Do you have a plan for today? Or is today not even yours? If you don’t have a plan for your day, someone else will.

2. Do you have important things that you have scheduled? If you don’t fit the big issues of your life in first, they will never find space in your life. Important things like – Personal Development, Spiritual life, Exercising, Family Bonding, Investing in your businesses future, planning, building relationships, etc. What have you scheduled for today?

3. Do you have things you have delegated to be done today? Some things that are not important to you can be important for someone else, empower them by delegating.

4. Don’t worry about emergencies; you will fix them as they come. Only never allow emergencies crowd out your access to a better future.

Do all the above and say this as you go around today -“today is what I have, now is my only handle on my future. If I do all I have to do now with all my might and best, I will spill over into my next level.

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Be wise, be financially free!!!


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  1. Thanks for this! The decisions we make today are what gives us access to our destiny. Don’t waste today doing the things that will not count tomorrow. Be wise!

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