Attitude2Wealth is everybody’s right as stipulated by God. His desire is that you and I will be wealthy in every sphere of life. However, there some major impediments to becoming wealthy I’ll love to share with you.

1. Mindset: One of the greatest hindrances to prosperity believes that only some people can be wealthy. What an error! Change your mind set to change your life.

2. Financial knowledge: If you must be wealthy you need to understand the laws governing finance and diligently apply them. Check my archives so you could read and learn more.

3. I can’t attitude: An impossibility mentality is another impediment to wealth. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a decision and not a step. If the thinking is right, definitely the attitude will be right.

4. Expenses: Inability to manage your expense can hinder you from becoming wealthy. Both the rich and poor have expense in common. However, the rich manages their expense and increase income while the poor doesn’t.

5. Lack of savings: Lack of savings and investment culture will not give room to wealth. Develop the habit to save regularly. However, when you save you must have a target to invest the money saved in an investment that will generate passive income. To learn more about passive income please click here


Financial Intelligence Coach writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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Be wise, be financially free!!!


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