Reason For Financial Intelligence


Financial intelligence is having a good understanding of laws governing finance and the act of solving financial problems when you come across them. Journey to financial freedom does not start with a step rather a decision. You need to make up your mind to do things differently in order to get a different result.

A man who wants to be a doctor must pass through the medical school; a motor mechanic must undergo training in a workshop to become a professional in his field. Why do you think you can succeed financially without the requisite financial knowledge? You need FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE! This is significant to life, it is crucial, it is a must have tool. What we have in common is our expense, hence the reason why financial intelligence is so crucial.

Whenever I’m conducting a training on financial intelligence, I usually tell this story and it goes thus: In the jungle the lion wakes up early in the morning and says his prayers, he thank God for keeping him alive then pray for food, ask God to give him food otherwise he will die because he has not had any food for the past 6 days. While on the other side of the jungle the zebra also says his prayers, started by thanking God for preserving him from the wild animals and for giving him good grass. However, God should protect him from evil and carnivorous animals.

Genuine prayer

Then both animals went their way. Suddenly, somewhere at the middle of the jungle that afternoon both animals encountered themselves. I ask people whose prayer do you think God will answer? The answers I get are mind blowing, some people feel God should answer the zebra because the zebra is a harmless animal, another person’s opinion is the lion because the lion is starving and needs to remain strong being the king of the jungle.

I say to you the prayer of the animal that will be answered is not the one that prayed most but the animal that has the key competence in the jungle which is “the ability to run”. If the lion can outrun the zebra then the zebra becomes lunch to the lion and if the zebra can run faster than the lion then the zebra’s prayer will be answered.

Running is compulsoryThe jungle is filled with dead lions whose only mistake was inability to run as fast as the zebra and the jungle is also filled with zebras that became carcases simply because they could not outrun the one that was pursuing them.  Essentially the key competence required in the jungle for survival, for growth, for victor or victim is your ability to run.

The same way in this jungle called earth were we relate with money, the key competence everyone must learn is FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Money is the legal tender for exchange of value, like running 101 is the compulsory course in the jungle every animal must learn irrespective of their size, status profession and academic background. In the same way in the jungle of life on planet earth, the key course everyone must learn is FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Money 101 is a course everyone must learn just like running is in the jungle.

Characteristics of one who lacks financial intelligence are:

  1. At 65 years they depend on others
  2. If you are afraid that your money will run out then you need financial intelligence
  3. If you do not have passive income you need financial intelligence (a passive income is an income that does not require your active time and energy for you to earn, it is based on the system you have put in place in time past that puts money back into your pocket).
  4. If you have worked for 5 years yet you don’t have reserves to invest in assets that generates passive income then you need financial intelligence
  5. If your life is still centred on active income, you need financial intelligence (an active income is an income that requires your direct participation to earn.

If you stop working or running your business and income seizes to flow in then you’re involved in an active income).

Your vision without the emotional strength to focus only lead to dreams, delusions, and hallucinations and when you make excuses for not doing what you are meant to do, you are simply lying to yourself. We will continue on this topic tomorrow, until then invest in your knowledge on financial intelligence.


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