Financial Health Checkups!

Financial checkup

Yesterday, people died of different causes, many of the deaths could have been avoided, if only they checked their health Status. As it is with health, so it is with wealth. Many people are ignorant of their ignorance. Some people are financially sick while some in financial comas and they are not even aware!

You need to do a financial check up and see how you are doing? The lowest level of consciousness is unconscious incompetence!

Here are a few signs to indicate your need for a financial check-up

1. You haven’t been budgeting, the closest you do to budgeting is reverse budgeting, you spend then account.

2. Your financial goals are accumulation based not system creation based.

3. You don’t have untouchable reserves. This should be worth 6 months’ salary at the least.

4. You have land, no property no rent, just raw land that is giving no returns.

5. You have investment in opportunities that return more than 50% yearly.

6. You are married, and you and your partner don’t have a financial plan you follow monthly. Or you are single and waiting till you are married to follow a plan.

7. You think something outside the ordinary has attacked your finances. You think it’s the devil on your case.

If any of these are true for you, then you need to have a quick financial check-up, before it’s too late! I can help you out! Contact me via any of these channels, or +2347033109363.

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I’m committed to your success!

Charles Ezeh

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Be wise, be financially free!!!


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