Deliverance From Financial Demons

Financial demons1

Yes! There are financial demons, and it’s possible to be delivered from them. Once these evil spirits have access and reign over your mind, you will notice a few of these symptoms.

1. You’ll know money passed through your hands, but nothing meaningful to show for it. No assets with passive income.

2. You’ll work for years and suddenly realize you don’t have meaningful reserves. You spend as you earn or even faster.

3. You try to make reserves and realize that saving 10,000 per month is a challenge for you, placing you lower by 1/3 than bus drivers and meat sellers.

4. Every time you have a windfall, your car packs up, your roof leaks or one problem or the other surfaces. Your windfall goes with the wind.

5. You suddenly realize that your friends have similar realities with yours, you don’t have a human way of escape.

6. You feel helpless and out of control with regards to getting your finances on track. You have a urgent need for help!

These are a few symptoms of the impact of financial demons.

How do you get deliverance? Trust me; it’s not by killing your enemies or shouting die die! The weapons of our warfare are not guns or spears, they are paradigms, philosophies and perspectives. Through God, they can help us destroy the strongholds of limiting beliefs and transform the paradigms that shape our realities. What you need is more than a prayer vigil, it’s many mind renewal vigils.

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Charles Ezeh

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  1. Preach! You hit it on the mark!

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