Multiple Streams of Income!

Multiple Streams of Income2

If you are wondering whether or not you need Multiple Income Streams, you probably aren’t ready, at least not yet!

Being an employee often offers one the disadvantage of not thinking about Multiple Income Streams for a long time, with a sure salary coming at the end of every month, employees think, what’s the use of Multiple Income Streams? It will be good that you learn ahead about Multiple Income Streams, particularly as we will all stop being employees one day. If u have not developed extra sources, particularly passive ones for yourself, your later years might not be so rosy. When push comes to shove, your net value is the difference between your inputs (income) and outputs (expenses).

BathubBATHTUB THEOREM: The water the bathtub retains is a function of how many faucets and how you are plugging the drains. A lot of people have multiple drains that take their resources away. Some are mobile ATMs to every wimps and caprices that comes their way, unbudgeted expense yet only one water inlet (income).

Do u have investments? You must have! No matter how bad things are at any point in time, you should have investments. You should have long term investments, and short-term investments.

You should have a balanced investment portfolio, featuring low, medium & high risk options based on your current age

1. Play the Stock Market (Local & Global)

2. Invest in intellectual property

3. Venture into Real Estate or Penny Real Estate

4. Invest in the Automated business/New Venture

5. Drive the Network Marketing

It is essential that you learn about these 5 vehicles I’ve talked about and start balancing your portfolio.

You can read up some of my articles on Understanding Passive Income and many more here

If you contact me I will support you!

I am committed to your success!

Charles Ezeh

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  1. Its money. I remember it from when I was single

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