Before you quit your job!


Hello friends, I trust you had a splendid weekend? Today i want to share few tips that will be of great benefit to you.

It’s a good idea to quit your day job!
It’s a good idea not to quit your day job!

Neither of the above is a bad idea. The factors that determine which is good and which is not are the following:

1. Timing

There is a time when quitting your job is the harbinger of disaster. These are times when your cash flow is so important and you have no reserves. Resigning at the wrong time shrinks you. The right times to quit your job is when you have planned it well and have either shrunk your expenses or have extra income. Quit the temptation of quitting because you don’t like how your boss talks to you. Be humble!

2. You

The activity is not as important as the person involved. Your will power, your personal drive, your sense of vision and mission, your personal determination. These factors determine per time which is good.

3. Counsel

You can never go wrong by subjecting yourself to plenty of counsel. There is safety in multitude of counsel. Don’t take life changing decisions without counsel. Have people around you whose wisdom exceeds yours by virtue of experience. Go for unbiased people with nothing to lose or gain by your decision.


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To your freedom!


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