The Elevator Syndrome!

Elevator bottons

We all want a smooth easy effortless ride to our dreams, right? Wake up, and smell the coffee! There is no elevator to success!

If you are doing anything that promises you a big jump with little or no effort, you are in the elevator. The elevator yields high returns, short term, quick win, few weeks, no significant input from you. Don’t be snookered into the elevator of life!

An elevator is quicker than the stairs, no method/process, just punch the button, get to the destination and alight. Don’t do it, watch it If you have a promise of success without doing much work, or without doing any work, be careful if you are told all you need to do is one step, and ‘we’ will do the rest. If you are told you don’t need to learn any new skill, develop yourself or become anybody new, to achieve success then run for your life.

It’s only the elevator that moves you up without moving yourself. That elevator is out of order currently and will trap you in. Many people don’t think carefully before getting trapped.

If the offer looks juicy, have the caution to ask yourself, ‘how do I get out if things get stuck?’
Stuck in Elevator

Elevators usually have only one door. If that door jams, you are stuck. Only enter into what has conceivable exit plans and never embark on a routine that could easily control you, never enter into what is difficult to get out of.

Elevators are good but the elevator to success is out of order; you must use the staircase that offers one step at a time

Success is step by step, if you learn the steps, you can replicate success, follow a system. Always remember you can’t be trapped on a staircase, you can climb up or climb down, besides you go only as far as your strength is willing to push.

Don’t get caught on the Elevator To Success, don’t get trapped into a quick, zero effort, one door opportunity.

Learn the ropes, and go one step at a time.

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Charles Ezeh
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