Why People’s lives don’t change!

 Change lives
Someone attended a free seminar session put together by my mentor a year ago for a few days, and then attended one again this year, after the seminar, he reported himself, that he was just understanding what he was sharing since last year for the first time ever! His Aha moment took 1yr plus in coming! No matter how great the lessons, and how liberating they are, if you don’t change some things, your life will remain the same and you will end up poorly. To change the trends, address these fast!! This warning is love filled!
  1. Admit your ignorance! If you don’t know and assume you know, you will not change!
  2. Be humble. So many people are proud and poor! They are struggling badly and putting up appearances. You need help, lower yourself and ask to be lifted!
  3. Admit your poverty! Until the prodigal son did a critical audit of his life, he was OK with eating pig food. Do an audit! If you are spending more than you earn, your future is not bright! Confession does not cure when actions do not change!
  4. Respect your seniors! Pepper seller, Bus Driver, vulcanizer save N30,000 per month ($187.5) at N1,000 per day and you don’t. Your mechanic has an apartment placed on rent, you don’t! They are not your mates, respect and learn from them!
  5. Quit envying people for their liabilities, that car, that personally owner occupied house, that yearly vacation. Admire them for their assets.
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