Success Secrets!

Success Secrets

Sometimes, people look at others and determine in their own minds that these others are lucky. Luck my foot! Luck is a classification you can only use when there are no clear factors or preconditions. Once there is a way to achieve similar results, it’s no longer luck. Lucky, favoured, miracle, are the ways we categorize what we don’t understand, and can’t replicate. Everyone can walk on water; if only they know where the stones are.

Here are some interesting factors that can make your luck predictable-

1. Sacrifice: People don’t notice the seasons of thankless hard work, of sleepless nights away from the family, of giving up comforts for the greater good. Every success, had it’s season of sacrifice.

 2. Diligence: This is the manifestation of doing whatever work you have to do like unto God. It’s giving your heart and might to your trade. If you sweat for it, they will sweat to take it off you.

 3. Knowledge: Empty bags don’t stand upright. Knowledge is what fills a mind with confidence to challenge status quo. If you are not a student of knowledge, you will soon be a teacher of history.

4. Humility: This is simple: Humble people are going up, proud people are coming down, it’s trend analysis. Humble yourself before the mighty hand of the Lord, in due season He will lift you up.

5. Courage: Courage is the character of great people in the presence of uncertainties. They have unwavering faith. This makes the act in spite of fear.

 6. Perseverance: Every one destined to succeed always fails a night to victory. Stay oiling with it till it turns around is the hallmark of successful people.

 7. Clarity: Successful people have amazing clarity and an end game vision that is uncommon. Know what you want from life and commit to it!

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I am committed to your success!!!


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