Sustainable Wealth!

Sustainable Wealth

Hello friends, good to be here again. Sorry i was away for long. However, am back and better. Thank you for being there!

Whatever it is that occupies your time today, you need to find a way to begin to generate extra income AND passive income. Before you get involved in anything, ask yourself, does this have the potentials to give me passive income?

Passive income is generated from the Business or Investor quadrants, not from the Employee or Self-employed quadrants.

Investing without education is gambling, get education and enlightenment. Make sure you are involved in business that you can automate, or investments that are good. 100% of YOUR effort isn’t as sustainable as 1% of 100 people’s efforts. You can’t do it all on your energy & current resources, learn to leverage.

Leverage is using other people’s time, energies, money etc. in small percentages that make sense in the bigger picture. Why is Network Marketing so great? Because of the leverage of so many people’s efforts.

Why is Real Estate so great? It’s great mostly because of the leverage the banks give for Real Estate investments.

If it’s all based on your personal effort, growth will be slow and the impact of failure might be difficult to bear. Albert Einstein said that the greatest investment of man is compound interest.

What are you doing today that you are using leverage? Anything that can grow geometrically provides amazing possibilities. Compound interest creates serious possibilities for financial stability. compound interest defines the concept of seed, of growth and of harvest.

Better to collect $1 that doubles daily for 30 days, than $5million without interest – that is the power of compounding.

Does your venture have geometric growth potentials? This is why I personally love well designed network marketing models. Geometric growth is also the reason why I love real estate investments.

Leverage today!


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  1. Great Article! Can I Post This to My Page? I ask Because I saw the Copyright insignia at the bottom, but the share buttons here also..I am a Marketer and I Believe very strongly in what I do, and I also like to offer value to the visitors of my page..and this My very fine worded friend is valuable! Thanks again for what You do.
    Peter N Peveto

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