Top Secret on Achieving Your Goals!

Top Secret

It was a frog jumping competition. The winning frog was the one who was first to get to the top of a 100 floors sky scraper, and participation was by choice.

Many frogs having watched previous competitions opted not to compete, but merely to watch. The problem was, once you cross floor 20, falling was sure death! A few brave frogs took to the challenge, but were constantly discouraged by the shouts of those whose only experience was in watching others fail. “Take it easy, don’t cross that floor, you have tried enough, slow down, don’t be so extreme, you are a woman, think of your family, look behind” were the typical cries.

One by one, a few frogs stopped and some fell to their deaths. One frog however was consistent, faced forward and was unmoved by discouragements. Of course, it won!

The barrage of discouragement was replaced by songs of adulation! Everyone was eager to hear the secret of the frog’s success. Alas, they realized, the frog was deaf!


1. Be deaf to discouragement from people whose experience is of others.

2. Be sure that those who criticize you today, will praise you tomorrow. Human beings are fickle.

3. Some won’t do, and they won’t let others do – don’t take clothes from a naked man!


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