Financial Straight Talk For Women Pt2!

Straight Talk for Women2

Last week we started a discussion on the topic Financial Straight Talk for Women, here is the concluding part.

1. By default men are fast, by default women last. Don’t kill yourself if you have a husband that seems way ahead of you, in the second half of life you may have your turn, work as a unit all the way, avoiding comparison but leveraging each others strengths.

2. Hold your husband accountable to ensuring that as a family you have an escrow and keep reserves. A wise woman builds her home!

3. You were not designed to be your family’s expense account, resist the urge to stay fashion current at the expense of your financial future. Spoil yourself if you can, but only after the future account has been funded.

4. If your husband sleeps around, he’s not messing up his life. He is messing up your life and his. It does not make sense for you to turn a blind eye. If you two are one, then you 3 have become one! If you are sleeping around, the same applies.

5. No secrets. If he’s not matured enough to handle it, invest in his maturity! If you can’t tell him, don’t do it!



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