Easy Ways to Keep More Money in Your Wallet (and Your Life)


Avoid impulse buying
Before making any purchase, ask yourself a few simple questions, and be honest with your answers. Only move on to the next question if you can answer yes to the current one. If you cannot get all the way through the questions, it is probably an impulse buy and you should pass it up.
– Do I need it?
– Will I use it?
– Is this the best price I can get on it?
– Does it add value to my life?

Buy in bulk
Overstocking a bunch of stuff you’ll never use isn’t very economical. When done right, however, buying in bulk is a dynamite way to cut out wasteful packaging and get a better bang for your buck—especially when it comes to non-perishable staples like toilet paper, toothpaste and, you guessed it, light bulbs.

If you’re not a member of a wholesale warehouse, look for ways to stock up for less at your local grocery store. You’ll save money by avoiding the name brands. And if your local store has bulk bins for stuff like nuts and oats, they are generally less expensive than their prepackaged counterparts.

You can also agree with friends and colleagues to buy together in bulk. Things like buying a cow or goat an sharing can be of advantage in this instance.

Maintain, maintain, maintain
We all know location is key when buying a home. But when it comes to your home’s function and efficiency, maintenance is the word. Upkeep, when done right, is a relatively easy way to save some cash.

While you may not be able to afford a top-of-the-line air conditioner, make sure the well-loved beauties you do own are running at the top of their games. This will keep you from draining your emergency fund on expensive energy leaks or early breakdowns.

Recycling. You knew it was coming. But did you know you can get paid to recycle?

A vast majority of our cell phones, computers, MP3 players and cameras end up in the landfill each year. All this e-waste is toxic. Luckily, a few brilliant business folks figured out a way to make money by paying us for our unwanted electronics.

All it takes is a quick online search and a few clicks explaining your smartphone’s condition, and presto, you’ll have an on-the-spot quote for last year’s hottest device.

Also learn how to re-cycle some already used materials instead of buying every time you have a need.

Learn from the past
Take some advice from your grandparents. Most of them lived before all the modern “conveniences” of today. And they were much more environmentally friendly than we will ever be!

Think about it: Hand-me-downs were a way of life, clothes took time to dry on the line, and a good all-purpose cleaner consisted of vinegar, lemon juice and water. If you take the time to learn from the past, you may just help change the future.

And remember, it’s the tortoise that wins the race, so it’s okay to start slow. As you build wealth, make it a goal to replace inefficient appliances, single-pane windows and gas-guzzling cars with leaner, greener models down the road.

These savings will eventually add up over a lifetime!

Adapted from: http://gbonjubolasanni.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/easy-ways-to-keep-more-money-in-your-wallet-and-your-life/


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