Have You Done It?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year people! I pray that more than ever before, you will see more clearly, walk with more wisdom and live more deliberately.


So many of us are at the high energy stage of the year; all positive and good to go, ready to take the world by storm! We have the plans all mapped out……


But wait a minute. Have you sat down with your spouse to discuss how the year will be? Are you ‘together’? No wonder tension eventually gets high…..everyone on top of his game and running his/her race. No wonder your spouse ‘never understands’……


One of my mentor’s wife recently encouraged a woman to do that and she said there will be misunderstanding. I think you will have a better year when at the beginning, you disagree to agree. It makes you start the year having in mind what area you can support your spouse in.


If you’re not yet married but in a relationship, but don’t plan with your partner, you’re on a stroll, with no value to add in the relationship.


It’s still early! Have a discussion with your spouse/partner and have a deliberately productive year. Indeed, two will put 10,000 to flight. There’s no point running very fast alone when your direction is unclear or the bush.


Communicate! Synergize! Have an amazing 2015!


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