How to Avoid Dumb Financial Mistakes

I know these 2 guys called Jide and Bola

Jide made lots of money and blew almost everything on extravagant living, though he had a few investments here and there. While Bola didn’t make much money as Jide but properly utilized the little he made. His asset base moved him out of the rat race.

What stood out between both guys was a function of what they did with what they knew and had.

Its not about how much you make but what you do with what is left after expenses.

Often times we generate ideas even when the cash isn’t available but different thing plays out once the money arrives. Idea doesn’t rule the world anymore but ideas acted upon. Weekend with the FBI Coach event will open your eyes to mistakes the likes of Jide made that kept him on the rat race despite much money he made.

Mike Tyson blew his way to billions of dollars but went bankruptcy after a few years because his financial blueprint read negative. Have you wondered why so many people made much money and after a while its gone? Its because of what they know about money.

I will be sharing practical steps you can take to properly manage what you have while increasing your income. The good book says “the storehouse of a wise man is filled with wealth but the stupid man spends it all”.

Join me in this life transforming training coming up on the 9th of September, 2017. Registration ends midnight 7th September, 2017.

It will hold online via WhatsApp, after the training you will enjoy 3 months mentorship to further reinforce what you learnt. Furthermore, I will share with you mind blowing Ebooks that helped my journey to financial freedom.

Reading makes the mind. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

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