The Digital World!

A friend once wrote “Please! Stop buying airtime from banks. Buy from hawkers (those who sell on the road or around your home areas), because our brothers/sisters are becoming jobless. Buy from people not machine, please! So that they will earn a living!” The truth remains the world has moved from information age to digital age. If you don’t change you will be short changed.

If you don’t embrace the digital world now, you will experience the same rude shock NITEL got as GMS made its way into the country, you will become irrelevant like the NIPOST as people switched to using emails. This time around you will experience it in a more deadly way.

Haven’t you wondered why the likes of Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, DealsDay etc are making more money today than the regular retail shops? They embraced the digital world.

The Digital World is a Mobile World, it’s on motion, it is handy and easily accessible. The Digital currencies are gradually resetting our banking process. The Central Banks are aligning to avoid going extinction. Transportation companies like Uber is making billions of dollars out of it.

What are you doing today to make your digital world better? Have you invested yet? Or are you still dwelling on yesterday’s losses? Do you see this write up as one of those marketing strategies?

Wake up my dear friend! I am currently enjoying the digital world, building more income sources, expanding my asset base with smart work.

I don’t earn once a month but daily and weekly.

Am willing to show you how if you contact me on +2347033109363


Thank You!


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