About Charles

Charles Ezeh is a seasoned facilitator/trainer and a Financial and Business Intelligence coach, Charles is business-driven professional with significant hands-on experience and a successful 6-year track record of successfully delivering results-based, corporation-funded BoP (Base of the Pyramid) projects and providing Financial Intelligence trainings to individuals and Corporate organizations, enterprise support to local businesses and Cooperative organizations. He is a thorough leader who has held various leadership positions at various levels in his career.

His focus is to help people live a life of their dreams to attain and maintain the financial strength they desire. As a product of the school system which offers no education in the area of financial intelligence, he noticed that people struggle through life without harnessing their God given abilities and talents or achieving any definite goal. He has, therefore, dedicated his efforts to helping people succeed in discovering and developing their talents with passion while also working towards achieving financial freedom.


3 replies

  1. This is so awesome. I’m very much interested.
    I also have a blog and will want to develop it.

  2. What is it all about and how do I start earning money?

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